AFTER - Automated Functional Testing Engine in Ruby

What Is AFTER?
AFTER, as the page title defines stands for Automated Functional Testing Engine in Ruby. AFTER was built with the intent to provide a pluggable test engine to facilitate functional UI testing. The idea behind it is that the engine will manage recording results, handling exceptions and capture performance information. the user of the engine would only need to build the application map and test scrpts that will drive the engine. The community behind AFTER can help with building the libraries needed to communicate with the specific type of application.

Why create AFTER?
The goal behind AFTER was to remove a lot of the tedious and repetitive coding that goes along with functional UI testing. Up until now functional UI testing has continuously been solved with the use of record and playback scripts. Although there are times when such a thing might be a good idea, such as exploratory testing, overall record and playback is very repetitive and verbose. As is the case Often times hundreds of lines of code are duplicated for each script. Then when changes are needed for parts of the application, as we know they always are, you are left with two choices, open all the scripts and try to do a find and replace or rerecord the scripts. So with AFTER you can solve that by writing scripts that are component based. Then you can build larger scripts by loading several components into one script. Giving you flexible and easily configurable test scripts.